Encompass Physical Therapy


Words of recommendation from our clients

“Prior to knee replacement surgery, based on past experience with physical therapy, I dreaded the therapy I knew was coming. Following the surgery, my therapy sessions at the hospital and later at a rehab reinforced my dread.

“Now, as I complete over five months of twice-a-week physical therapy sessions at Encompass, instead of dread I almost looked forward to the next session. Physical therapy is not without pain and discomfort; however, my therapist, Samantha [Bennett], made me feel much less so. She impressed me with her knowledge and personal attention she gave to help me regain mobility.

“All of the staff at Encompass were pleasant and helpful. However, I would give special thanks to the techs that assisted with my exercise program. They were particularly pleasant and helpful.

“A friend recommended Encompass and I am glad that I took his recommendation. I would return if I ever needed therapy in the future.


—Bob B., Annapolis, MD


“The orthopedics we go to were not hands-on. They look, observe and comment on it, but unless you broke a bone there’s not much they would do about it. Encompass Physical Therapy’s physical therapist we go to is hands-on. He has a doctorate, so he is very knowledgeable about anatomy. He’s been very cooperative and understanding. We received a book of exercise that we can follow, and he determined the cause of my wife’s problems. He did a little advanced investigation of what the problems are and this has been helping my wife a great deal.”
—Review from Angie’s List


“Great service! Sweet people! Helps me a lot! Nice staff! Encompass is the best PT place ever!!! And that's true! Thank you Encompass.”


“It isn’t much fun to have to go to physical therapy but if you do, Encompass Physical Therapy is a wonderful place. From the sweetest receptionist, Catherine, and the amazing therapist I’ve been seeing, Hanna, and the two people who have been helping me with exercises, Sam and Alex. Everyone is so nice and helpful. If you have to have PT, this is a great place to go.”
—Donna M.


“Without Encompass, I think I would be a hunched-over cave woman. I’ve gone to Encompass PT for various reasons over the years: rehab from bicycle accidents and overuse injuries from swimming, painful back spasms caused by aging, car accidents and the rigors of life. The therapists use effective manual therapies to encourage your body to heal. There is real science behind the treatment, individualized to each client’s specific condition. Christine and the staff have helped me quickly get back to normal life on many occasions.”
—J.B., Annapolis, MD