Encompass Physical Therapy


Encompass Physical Therapy Front Office


Encompass Physical Therapy, LLC was established in 2004 by Elaina McNeill and Christine Ro. Since then, Encompass PT has continued to grow and now employs seven physical therapists, one physical therapist assistant and a massage therapist. 


Elaina and Christine’s initial goal was to operate a clinic that enabled them to treat the patient’s entire system by utilizing a hands-on/manual therapy approach. Their philosophy to treatment led them to take classes with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). Elaina and Christine have become the only two PT's in Anne Arundel County and only two of nine PT's in the state of Maryland to earn their Certified Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT) certification through the IPA. This certification has greatly improved Elaina and Christine’s skills as manual therapists and allowed them to achieve their goal of effectively treating the patient’s entire body and not just the diagnosis. 


Elaina and Christine have devoted their careers to improving their manual skills and the mentoring of the physical therapists they employ to help them grow as manual therapists. 


All of the therapists at Encompass PT explore, identify and treat the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, rather than simply alleviating the patient’s symptoms. The therapist also spends time educating patients in proper posture, body mechanics and specific exercise programs appropriate for their physical limitations. Patients range from simple acute injuries to high-level athletes to chronic pain sufferers. We believe that your goals are our goals, and we want to earn your trust. This requires a team approach between the therapist and the patient. We realize this means a lot of work and dedication, sprinkled with a little bit of fun!